Revitalizing and relaxing, yoga reduces the effects of stress we experience in our society. Therapeutic in nature, yoga can help alleviate physical problems by bringing back balance to the whole system. Yoga is compatible and enhancing to all athletic endeavors.

"What man needs first is physical firmness, emotional flexibility and intellectual clarity"
-B.K.S lyengar

Using Hatha Yoga instruction in the style developed by B.K.S. lyengar, author of "Light on Yoga", focus will be equally on the practice of deep relaxation as well as "meditation in action".

Rick brings his training of anatomy and the heart opening experience of the yoga practice to his high quality instruction. Also influencing his teaching is his love and experience in nature (wilderness canoeing, trekking, and skiing).

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Classes are ongoing and you may register at any time during the term on a pro-rated basis
Make-up classes:
Classes missed may be made up only during the current series
First class is always FREE!
-Come to class on an empty stomach
-Wear shorts, footless tights or sweats
-Beginning students need not have any particular flexibility or strength

90 South Main Street
Canandaigua, NY 14424